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I hope you enjoy the "Little Mermaid" as much as I do.

I think her Friends are really nice to.

I want to share some Neat Places on The Web with you. They will be fun for young kids also. Being 6 years old I know younger kids like the Internet, but they must have safe places to visit. So my Mom and Dad check out the sites before they are put on My Page.

~Coloring Online~

Cartoon's are neat and fun to Draw. This site will show you how. They also have Puzzles, Stories and Funny Pages.

~Cartoon Corner~

FunBrain.Com is a very cool place where you learn many things. They have games to play and much more.

FunBrain ~Vocabulary~

FunBrain ~Home Page~


~Little People~

~IPL Story Hour~
~Wee Kids Songbook~

~Flashcards For Kids~

~Kid's Search Tools~

~Child-Centered Web Sites~

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