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Always.."Remember Sept.11 2001"

"Please" stop by and see
My Tribute To
My Loveing Son
"Thank you"

Thank you so much
For this great


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I'm Ron from Ron's World12. I live in Florida the "Sunshine State" having moved here from Maryland. I have loved racing from the age of 15 and in the early 60's started drag racing. I ran a 62 Chev. Nova and a 55 Nomad. In late 1970's and early 80's I heard of a man who was moving fast up the racing ladder.

I thought like so many others who is Dale Earnhart ?.

Watching his career as so many did I saw this great "Racing Hero" come to life. I have stayed a fan through all his up's and down's.

Then one day he was gone not to be seen again.

He will for ever remain in my "Heart and Mind". I will always miss "Dale Earnhardt" and for that reason I have built the following pages.

Please pay a visit and sign my Guestbook. Then please pass this tribute on to your racing friend's. I'm sure they are hurting as we are. I truly hope these pages bring back fond "Memories".

3 Peace Salute


~United We Stand~

From my days in the "U.S.Navy" I have developed a great interest in Lighthouses and there History.

My passion for these "Magnificent Structures" has lead to a collection of over 500 Lighthouses ranging in size from 2 inches to 7 feet.

With a desire to enlighten others on this subject I have built the following pages which offer pictures and a brief history of some of these lighted beacons that guide water craft along the Coasts, Great Lakes and Rivers of the United States.

I'm sure you will enjoy your visit.