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~Ron's World12~

~One More Of Florida Light's~

~Amelia Island Lighthouse~

Florida"s Amelia Island tower was constructed in 1820 at Great Cumberland Island, Georgia, and moved to this site in 1838. It was further modified several times during the 1880's and early 1900's. A third-order lens replaced the 14 lamps with reflectors in 1857. The red sector in the lamp warns ships approaching toward the shoals. Amelia Island Light is still active. Located at mouth of the St. Mary's River, the tower is in a residential area, and unfortunately the only way to get near it is over private property. The nearby town of Fernandina, however, is open for business and is quite inviting.

~Your Lighthouse.~

I will be your lighthouse I will always light your way, When the sea is churning crazily, Just cast your cares my way. I will be your beacon, Standing straight and tall, Worry not how rough the seas I will calm them all. Sometimes keeping your sail afloat, Is too much for you to bear, I'll try to keep your trials on course, I will always be right there. Even though the sea is rough, And you fear your life is through, I'll shine my light on your troubled ship, And bring you safely through. So as the churning of the seas, Grow larger than before, Depend on me, your lighthouse, I'll show you to the shore. The seas no longer will cause you pain, On shore I'll light your path, The ebbing of the still waters forever, Will bring you peace at last. I will be your lighthouse, I'll guide you from above, I'll light your night, and keep you safe, In the harbour of my love.