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~And Florida's~
~Beautiful Lighthouse's~

~St.Augstine Light~
In 1824 A lens was installed in the old Watchtower and St.Augustin became Florda's first Lighthouse.

~The first-order lens originally installed in the 1874 tower was replaced with an automatic flashing beacon for a time after vandalism damage in 1986, but the original lens is now restored to full operation. The lens makes one rotation every 90 seconds, with three bulls-eyes giving St. Augustine its characteristic flash every 30 seconds.~

~This light is a duplicate of the many built in the 1870's (Bodie, St. Simon's, Currituck) Both the tower and a wonderful museum in the keeper's house are open 10-4:30 daily (904-829-0745)~

~The view from the top of the tower is spectacular, and the grounds are beautiful, surrounded by live oak trees. This entire site is immaculately restored and presented for the public.~

~:~Good Bless~:~