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A Rearview Mirror..."Nightmare".

Headlines That Shocked The Racing World

7 time NASCAR Winston Cup Champion, Dale Earnhardt, Sr., age 49, dies at the 43rd running of the Daytona 500, February 18, 2001.

Yet..."1 More Race To Run".

The Heavenly 500

The Heaven 500 west just getting started, An All-Star race, for the racing departed.

Heroes of the track, with nerves like steel, And sitting on the pole, was a cat named Neil.

Adam Petty was there, with his beautiful smile, Kenny Irwin determined, to finish in style.

Lee Petty was glowing, with that Grandfather pride, With Davey and Clifford, both in a new ride.

Fireball Roberts, floated in on a cloud, While Tony Roper waved, to the Heavenly crowd.

Morrosso and Nemecheck, then Tim Richmond appeared, Kulwicki strapped in, while the racing's fans cheered.

The honorary starter, for this Heavenly race, Ralph Earnhardt was chosen, a tear on his face.

But the red flag flew, just before it had begun, And every eye was open wide, and look to the SON.

A last minute entry, was the cause of delay, While the fans were instructed to kneel and to pray.

The Heavens turned black, and the clouds turned dark, The lightining was brilliant, the thunder did bark Then out of the rumble, for all there to see, The clouds formed a number, a black number three.

The Heavenly fans, then erupted with pride, And welcomed this star, who had recently died.

With a bolt of lightning, Dale Earnhardt arrived, As he stood before Jesus, his spirit revived.

Jesus hugged his precious child, then revealed his perfect plan, "I brought you home to let you know, I'm your biggest fan!"

"The Intimidator was needed, for the Heavenly race, leaving all of your earthly fans, with honor and grace."

Ralph Earnhardt then stepped forward, embracing his son, Then whispered in the ear of Dale, "Let's go and have some fun!"

As Ralph stood proud, the green flag flew, The crowd went wild and the tension grew.

And just like Salvation, the admission was free, As every eye focused, on the black number three.

When the checkered flag dropped, no dry eyes remained, It was a photo finish, as Jesus explained.

He said, "There are no losers, on this Heavenly track.

This was a welcome home party, for the Man In Black!"

Author Unkown....

"My" Hero The
"Man In Black"

Dale Sad One Day
"Above all else,
thank you God...
Youve blessed me in so many ways.
I probiy don't deserve all you have blessed me with.
But for once,I want to give thanks where it is really due.
"Thank you My Lord.

"The Legend Lives On"

Dale On Dale

Dale On Dale Jr.

Dale Gos On To Wen
By 2 inches

"Well" at last 12 inches

Dale Win's

I Will Miss You
"Dale Earnhardt"
Thanks For All The Great "Memories"
You Will "Forever" Be In My
My Friend

"Dale" Said One Day
The Most Important Things
In My Life Are
"God" My "Family" And The
#3"Goodwrench Car"
And In That "Order"