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Dale Earnhardt's Father.
Raiph Earnhardt

Dale's Monther
Martha Earnhardt

Dale's "Birthate"

Dale Earnhardt #3,GM Goodwrench,
Black Monte Carlo
Birthdate: April 29, 1951
Birth Place: Kannapolis, N.C.
Died: February 18, 2001
Car Number: 3
Team: Richard Childress Racing
Sponsor: GM Goodwrench Service Plus
Manufacturer: Chevrolet

Dale's Sister's
Kaye And Kathy

Dale's Brother's
Randy Earnhardt
Danny Earnhardt

Brenda Jackson is
Dale jr.'s And Kelly's Mom

Dale and Brenda
split up wen Dale jr. was three

Dale Earnhardt jr.
Spend som time with
Teammates Steve Park on the left
Michael Waltrip
on the right

1.Raiph Dale jr.
(Born 10-10-74)

2.Kerry Dale Earnhardt
(Born 12-08-69)

3.Kelly King Earnhrdt
(Born 08-28-72)

4.Taylor Nicoie Earnhardt
(born 12-20-88)

~Tersa And Dale And Taylor~

~Dale got married to Tersa~ on

~The Man In Black~

Letter to the Fans, by Dale Earnhardt Jr.

"We are more than halfway through the season and I never thought things would happen so quickly.
  It seems like only yesterday, I was upside down in Daytona. 
Now, four wins later and a small points lead,
I am looking forward to an exciting finish to our season.
"One of the biggest questions of my career has been about my relationship and growing up as "Dale Earnhardt's son".  
There were times when the demands of my dad were overwhelming. 
Sometimes we felt like we had been cheated out of the things that normal kids do with their dads like soccer games and school activities.
  But it all made sense every time dad won a race or a championship. 

"Another big question surrounds my desire to make my dad proud.
  I think all kids have the need to make their parents proud after all they do for us. 
Since I've been racing, all that runs through my mind is taking the chance and racing as best I can.
I hope I have made my old man proud.

"I still hope the time comes when I can race against dad.  That's on experience I hope to discover in the next year or two.
"For now, I count my blessings knowing that he and his company, Dale Earnhardt, Inc. have given me the bet race car and the best opportunity anyone in my position could ever ask form.
"There's a sense of pride and accomplishment I get every time I start the #3 ACDelco Chevrolet up and head onto the track.
  There's a feeling that you get when you're leading a race too. 
Especially when you know your dad is watching.

"Thanks for all your support.
  Those stands are full of cheers and applause each time I go for driver introductions.

  I hope it stays that way." ---- Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Dale Jr.
Driving a Go Kart
His first "Wen"